Karolyne Lowel: Sadomasochist

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Look me in the eyes in a bestial means, accept me with the fire of your look; make my bones shiver, that with you I do not be afraid anything. Approach me like a wild beast, sniffing and also enjoying its prey, take me with your hands as well as push me suddenly; collared versus the wall surface without having actually gotten away. Having currently with your eyes, dominated, let your hands run from my hair to my feet, while you kiss me passionately, wildly and attack my lips up until your soul drink.

I want my hands to tear your back, your body, which beside mine causes me to awaken in me the unthinkable, my dark side, let me tear your garments in a split second; of your body, I long to be overfilled. I feel your lips kiss my skin, how you attack my neck and that corner of my shoulder, to make me insane and then my lips start their trip.

I kiss your neck delicately, with excellent lure to bite him and leave my memory, to create you a positive discomfort, that drives you much crazier right now. Between this abandonment, we undress, tearing every little thing out of ourselves, heading in the direction of the area where our transgression will certainly be birthed.

Your body is thrown over mine, the heat and enjoyment increase with each movement, I transform and also I am the one who dominates, I tie your hands in handcuffs, you will get ur penalty. I such as that I am defenceless, I want to see the enjoyment in your face, of your suffering; a whip lashes your chest and your games of excitement, while the discomfort is raising. I taste every square inch of your skin with my lips, between lashes as well as nibbles, which provide you with great pleasure.

Then I launch you and also I am now your innocent prisoner; powerless as well as defenceless, do what you want with me. You ruck my back and also my chest, you attack the aureoles that adorn my busts and also cry of the enjoyment that this intense door triggers. Marks all my body with your hands and also your lips, you bite my sex frantically and also I tremble more, ending up being a dependency this suffering, irremediably.

Because the discomfort that you can cause me a growing number of excites me, do not regret I am your servant and you my master, play with my body, manage me without assuming; I am your faithful and potent sadomasochist.

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